What do you think of this DY ring?

  1. Hi, I don't have a DY anything but I've admired the signature cable jewelry from afar. I've never even been to a boutique. But after being on the forum, I decided to not keep myself limited to Tiffany and Fortunoff to expand my collection.

    I saw a ring on the DY website, a basic, good starter and affordable. Does anyone else own this? Does the silver tarnish on DY jewelry? I've had experience with bad tarnish on tiffany silver so i usually stay away but, i don't have the budget right now to go crazy (that craziness was for my birkins and such!)

    what do you think?
    DY Crossover SilverGold.jpg
  2. I don't have it, but it is cute! I do have the small 5mm cable bracelet with blue topaz end caps. I love that thing; I got it in March of 2006 and have worn it nearly every day. It hasn't tarnished, but I rub all the jewelry I wore for the week with a polishing cloth every Sunday, so maybe that helps.
  3. I've actually tried that ring on! It's very cute and a great starter DY piece.

    In my experience, my DY jewelry has never tarnished. They way they are made, they are supposed to have a little bit of the "blackish" look (in the cabling part). I refuse to have mine cleaned because I've been told that the cleaning takes away that characteristic.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!
  4. Beautiful, classic ring. Go for it!
  5. I really like it!

    (And I love the Strong Island reference!!) LOL
  6. I like it a lot! I don't have this ring but have other DY silver and none of it has tarnished.. if i'm not wearing it, it sleeps in the boxes they came in :smile:
  7. My yurman pieces are holding up really well, like I like the ring you chose.
  8. Great first DY piece! My DY has not tarnished. I keep it in its sleeper case.
  9. I think this ring is gorgeous. Go for it!
  10. I have that ring - it's very nice, and comfortable to wear. I say go for it!

  11. i really like that ring. i'd go for it.
  12. Did you get it?
  13. Very nice ring. I would like that for myself one day.
  14. Cute ring! If you're worried about tarnish, get a hold of a silver cloth and just polish it regularly, like Kitsunegrl. Most silver tarnishes to some degree, it's a reaction with the oils in your skin and the chemicals that your jewellery encounters, like perfume, and pollution. Don't use a silver dip though, you might lose the black oxidisation in the design.
  15. that's a simply gorgeous ring - go for it!