What do you think of this dress?

  1. Just looking for opinions on this dress. Is it too much (shiny, tight)? Or would it be good for a semi formal evening event?:shrugs:
  2. It reminds me of the old playboy bunny cocktail waitress outfits.
  3. I like the color, but the shine is a little too much.
  4. I think its too shiny as well...sorry...great color...just not loving it. :sad: just my opinion.
  5. awful! it's like what paris hilton will wear.
  6. It looks like it crinkles and folds? On such a tight dress that has the ability to add weight.

    Along with the 80s sweetheart neckline which feels to 80s I'm not loving it. :push:

    I agree though the color is lush!
  7. I think its actually the texture that I don't like here. It needs a little less crinkle. And I agree that the neckline should be a tad higher. If the dress were longer, the model would look like Jessica Rabbit (Roger's wife).
  8. Thank you all for the honest opinions. I have to agree with what a lot of you said. I think I may have been tempted by the price (originally about $500, on sale for $175). :push: But it sold out anyway, so now it doesn't really matter. Thanks though - I knew I could get good guidance here:yes:
  9. When you buy anything and its onsale you just ask yourself if you would buy it at full price, if you wouldn't dont get it and don't just get tempted by the price.
  10. Its a little shiny..
  11. Too shiny
  12. Too shiny! Looks like tin-foil.. I think you can find a more flattering dress elsewhere.. good for you for not buying it, even though it IS on sale. (I know that feeling! :rolleyes: )
  13. I like it... on the model, haha. I could never pull that look off. But hey, if you're long and lean and the dress doesn't overpower you, then I say go for it! :yes: