what do you think of this dress?

  1. Maybe it's the way it looks on the model, but something about it looks cheap to me. Maybe the print?

    Anyway, hope you wanted an honest opinion! There you have it. ;) What matters, though, is if YOU love it.
  2. Not loving it, fabric looks cheap
  3. Initially, something about it seemed off. But I think it's the way the model is posing. When I looked at more views of the dress, the second picture looks very different. I really like the dress.
  4. I really like it!
    The fact that it's 100% silk is a bit of a drawback for me however.
  5. It's cute.
  6. I'm not really feeling it. It looks weird from the front. The back of it's quite nice tho, :p
  7. not loving it...:shame:
  8. The hem of the empire waist looks elastic. This will not necessarily give you the slimmest looking figure and may also be difficult to put on if there is no side zipper. If there is no zipper, then it is possible the top half of the dress may be too big/loose to allow for putting in on and fitting over the shoulders at the narrowest part of the dress.
  9. Don't really like how it looks... looks like something you could pick up at Forever 21 but of cheaper fabric for a fraction of the price...
  10. Would be cute if not for what looks like an elastic band at the waist.
  11. IA
  12. Its OK, but not LOVING it.
  13. It's cute but the design is a little weird. I don't like the circles that much. The cut is great though!
  14. It's cute, but I agree, not too original for the price