What do you think of this dress?

  1. This dress has been sitting in my closet. I have to wear it before summer is over. It's by Lilly Pulitzer. I am planning on wearing it at my friends get together party. It is not very formal. It will start at 5 pm in the afternoon, indoor. Sept. 1. Is this dress appropriate? or should I be wearing fall clothes, black? What accessories to go with this? Shoes? Thank you ladies.
    Photos courtesy of eBay. Too lazy to take my own pics.
    9573_1.JPG 95bc_1.JPG 9607_1.JPG
  2. It looks more of a summer/beach dress to me than for a formal party.
  3. i think it would go well at your friends party.
  4. i think it looks right for the occasion!
  5. it's cute and would be appropriate for the occasion
  6. very cute!
  7. I love it! What that from this years collection?? I do not remember seeing this print. Its darling..(I love L.P.) They have a pair of hot pink sandals that would look great with the dress!