What do you think of this Dolce and Gabbana in black?

  1. I have this bag (in black) on hold at Saks for $600. It's a little expensive for something that I don't need. Then again, I'm kind of in the market for a classic black bag. What do you think of it? I love the way that the black bag looks, but I'm worried about the flap being a hassle.

    Saks doesn't have the pic online, so here's the bag in green at NM:
  2. I like the bag. It is very pretty. I guess it is prettier in black color. I love that wooden ring!
  3. I like it and that's a great price!
  4. I've seen this IRL and the leather is gorgeous - pebbly. It's a nice sized bag - not too big, especially the depth. Think this bag will serve your purpose as timeless since it really isn't trendy in many ways (esp. the size/bulk, etc). Great price too - go for it.
  5. Oh that is classic. "]
    It will match with so much!
    Not too fancy, but not too plain either. Very cute. :heart:
    Ive had a bag with a flap, and it kinda bugged me a little bit, but I got over that. hehe! Im sure you will too. =]]