What do you think of this? Does anyone here own one?

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  1. I think it's gorgeous, the website doesn't really show it's beauty, I think this scarf/stole looks amazing on Rhianna.... does anyone own one or have modelling pics? I'm surprised that such a gorgeous piece hasn't been 'revealed' more? Especially in other shades.... there's a brown and rose aswell.:heart: Love to hear your opinions .....

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  2. i don't own one but it's really pretty!!!
  3. I have them all...:heart:They are soft and lovely!
  4. These are gorgeous!
  5. Stunning. Do some modeling pics! x
  6. Oh my, they are Gorgeous!! Every color is stunning! Would love to see modeling pics! It does look great on Rihanna.
  7. I am not familiar with that piece but I agree- it is gorgeous!
  8. Like it very much!
    I like that "simple" look.
  9. Oh Pepsimax!! WOW ~ You have all 3! I've been trying to decide whether to get the black, brown or both?..... I can't believe I missed these before. Have you got any modelling pictures anywhere, or could you maybe post some here?
  10. OK; here are my modelling pics:sweatdrop::shame::shame::sweatdrop:

    First the pink,then the brown...I dont need modelling the black
    for you,Rhianna does that A LOT BETTER ...

  11. Thanks so much for posting those pictures, you just convinced me to get the Brown one too!
  12. They are pretty and expensive.
  13. ^^ Yeah they are ... $885 in Australia, but I think they are timeless and can last forever if taken care of... all that cashmere and silk :heart:
  14. Pepsimax - Do you have the Mahina bag to match?
  15. Yes,I have a black mahina xs, and a bronze mahina xs.