What do you think of this Dior shoulder bag?

  1. Hi there!

    This bag is a really nice Dior piece...it may look a bit plain but it's quite gimmick free (no dangling hardware or anything) and can match any occasion. The price, however, is NOT cool; I've seen authentic versions of these sell on Ebay for under $100!
  2. I dont know about the price, but the bag is really nice..I dont think it is too plain...it will go well with jeans and other casual wear!! Sometimes all the dangling stuff can get annoying!
  3. MayDay : remember to post in the eBay thread if you see anymore of these going for that cheap ! :graucho:

    And I agree, it's simple and gimmick free, I'd definitely try eBay for it though !
  4. very cute ..