What do you think of this dining set?

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  1. We have a pretty beat up mid century Teak dining set. One of the chairs is getting wobbly, the china cabinet looks cheap and the table top is a bit wiggly (pedestal table) and it's scratched.

    We don't like traditional things and like unique - so no chippendale or queen anne styles for us. I found this and I'm thinking about it, but when purchasing cross country, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be sure, you know? It's from a top designer, so the quality is fantastic, but would you guys go "oh god" when seeing this set? Would it look out of place in a room that is a dining/living room combo? We have other nice furniture and all of it eclectic, but this is fancier than the rest besides a Henredon curio cabinet in that same room in the far reaches.

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  2. i LIKE funkier things too!
    I think this set is very cool!I myself have a funky Henredon dining room set I got a while back so I understand when u dont want anything too traditional!
  3. I have actually been looking for a Henredon set for EONS. I let a couple pass through my fingers (not enough dispensible income at the time), but now I found this and it's quality is that of Henredon too and the owner rarely used it as he's a world traveller).

    I think it looks timeless unlike most things that age after ten years. When we buy the high quality stuff, we want it to STAY and be done with the shopping around and dealing with the mediocre stuff.
  4. I love it! It's very different!
  5. Ooooh, I like this! It took me a second or two of looking at the photos, but I think this could look amazing in the right setting. And it's definitely a nice change from the more traditional dining setting. I say GFI! (Go For It!)
  6. I'm really iffy on the yellowish green coloring, but if you love it and don't think yo u'd get tired of it . . . go for it! I'm sure they're hard to come by.
  7. Well, the coloring of the chairs can ALWAYS be changed. For now, since I have an 11 year old and a 2 year old, I would keep it, but say, 10 years from now (Oh god) I would change it to fabric or real leather.

    The accents are bronze which is fine because the accents in the rest of our house is bronze too. I know silver/pewter is the "in" thing now, but with muted bronze, it always "works".

    This would fit in our house. My living room drapes are burgundy/tan/gold silk in geometric patchwork (I made them - make all our curtains) and are lined, so I plan to keep those for a LONG time as they were a PITB to do. If not, the drapes in our lower level or goldish with grayish blue drawn poppies in a large print and these would look great too.

    I don't know if you can tell, but the drawer pulls are encrusted with amethyst! So unique!
  8. Its a nice set. With that green color you could get some interesting lighting contrasts. The only thing I'm not too crazy about it the seating being on wheels. That might be a little too informal for me.
  9. I think it's cool!
  10. very funky!!
  11. I think furniture is very hard to buy unless you see it. I've made mistakes that went to the consignment shop immediately. I refuse to live with stuff that doesn't look right.
    Are you against flying there to see it? I do it alot, its worth it to me.
    With the amethyst, it sounds like pre '01. Hendredon's quality has slipped since then. They are more middle range now.
    I wouldn't worry silver accents being in now.
  12. I love it, especially the table! It's amazing!
  13. Not a fan of black lacquer at all, and the chairs...there's just something off about them. I also don't like how the chairs have sharp angles and the tabletop is rounded.
    It's so close to being perfect though. If the tabletop was rectangle...I dunno, I just can't put my finger on it.
  14. This table set is from 1960 and it is one of 61 sets (number 12). And... it's not Henredon. I own a few Henredon pieces, but the "newest" piece is from 1980 and the other is from 1970 something and BOTH look and work like new. It pays to buy quality.

  15. Hard to tell in the photos, but it's not black lacquer (I'm not a fan either). It's a sable stain, but not laquer. If you look at the close up of the china cabinet you can see the pattern better.

    It's true, it is a little different, but for some reason it works for me. I guess that's why there's all different kinds of styles!