what do you think of this contrast??


Jul 26, 2006
I've been wanting a red bag forever.....but not sure how I feel about the beige stiching on a red bag. If I wanted to wear it with grey, it seems the like the beige would clash....why do you think???
Personally, I would hold out to get THE red bag you want. I'm not really too fond of the beige stitching. But what really matters is if you love it...or are just settling for it b/c you really want a red bag?
I don't like contrasting stitching on anything. I saw a great Chanel black bag a while ago and the beige stitching was so bold, it made the bag look ugly. IMO.
When I saw the close-up pic you posted I didn't like the stitching at all. Then I went to eBay to view the listing and when I saw the whole bag, I changed my mind. I really like this "Kelly" style. It's very unique and the stitching works well on this style. If you love it you should go for it. If you are undecided, you should probably wait for that perfect red bag. Good luck with your decision!