What do you think of this combo...

  1. All my accessories are mono so I thought I should get a mono agenda. BUT I am getting a new damier patterend bag and I want the koala mono small agenda with mandarin lining. The inside of the damier is red. Would these two just be awful together? Maybe I should switch to the Koala damier agenda?:shrugs:
  2. Depending on the shade of red and orange, I think they can compliment each other. But, then again, I'm partial to orange and attempt to coordinate it with all colors.;)
  3. Well...I'm biased....lol Anything Louis Vuitton makes me go *gaga*drool* and since each individual piece is awesome on its own, then 2 awesome pieces are even better. I don't think they'd clash.
  4. Thanks for your opinions! I probably shouldn't worry about it since it is inside the bag, but I tend to obsess over these types of things lol!
  5. I agree, I think of each of my LV prieces as individual items. I wouldn't think that they would clash at all.
  6. I use my Mono accessories with any bag in the summer. In the winter, I'll switch to Damier or Mono Mini khaki TST accessories with any bag.
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