What do you think of this COLOR in chanel jumbo!

  1. Thinking of buying this bag in blue color. Or I go safe with black??

  2. I'm a classics girl all the way, so i would choose black. But that blue is incredibly beautiful! Do you have any other blue bags / do you think it would go with many of your outfits?
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    I do own a black quilted ghw mini and a black chevron ghw boy! Planing to buy a black quilted ghw in the future
    I have a lot of color in my wardrobe! And I love the pop of color with black/grey outfits.
    But I don't own any black silver hw bag
  4. Hi, Are these bags this season? Lamb skin? May I know where you are buying them from? Thank you.
  5. If in doubt, choose black lol you can't go wrong with black. For pops of colour I prefer in smaller bags.
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  6. The blue is gorgeous! Since you already have a black mini and a black boy, maybe go for the blue? But of course it also depends on whether you want this to be a daily bag which needs to go with most of your oufits.
  7. I think it's gorgeous!!! If you have several black bags already this is a great choice IMO.
  8. I would probably go for the blue if you already have a classic Chanel in black. I already have the medium classic in black SHW and a black reissue 226 in GHW. So I would choose the blue for sure.
  9. I have the same blue in M/L and just wore it today when I went to London. It's a perfect pop of colour and I love my blue bag. :smile: I would say blue.
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  10. I am all about statement colors and I absolutely adore this blue. However for a big bag I would go with a classic black.
    I prefer the blue one in mini.
  11. Love the blue :smile:
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  12. Blue! The Blacks are easier to find almost all the time.
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  13. Is your blue 17S blue or the cobalt blue ? Thx
  14. Love the blue......
  15. Yes 17s bluee