What do you think of this coat?

  1. I've been around and around the fence on coats like this for the past five years (partially because of the fur issue) and have never taken the plunge. My husband has offered to make this my :yahoo:anniversary present (and it's a BIG anniversary) so I am sorely tempted. It's fully reversible, by Feraud, on sale but still a rather princely sum so ... opinions please? If you have lamb - how does it wear for you? Is it warm? This is swakara -- so not as crazy fragile as broadtail but I truly have no experience with fur. They're getting me one size smaller to try, as this is a bit big. I'm really just in love with the shading and how light it is.
    coatlambsidecu.jpg coatleathersidecu.jpg
  2. i like it! i think it rocks LOL
    the coat looks elegant but i can totally imagine wearing it down in simple jeans and tees for a boho elegant look :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ^ ITA it's hot - it's got a real Kate Moss look about it and I reckon you could belt it for a different look.

    I have a lamb coat and while it's physically very heavy, it's not very warm... i find it kind of wind resistant, though, so if you don't feel the cold too badly it should be fine!