What do you think of this clutch?

  1. I need a black clutch that I can use to go out to dinner, to bars, etc. and I don't wanna spend more than $500.

    Any suggestions?

    What do you think of this clutch in black?
    Bloomingdales.com - Jacqueline Jarrot Clutch
  2. I think there are cuter ones out there that's not so much. For bars, I would personally get one like a wristlet, that way you can hold 2 drinks at one time and not lose your bag!
  3. Rapp and Posavek Simone starsandinfinitedarkness.jpg Bellsandwhistles chloe clutch.jpg Heather Hawkins shining star shophh.jpg
  4. Whiting and Davis Lambskin Leather Top handle ebags.jpg
  5. I love the style....swweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  6. I love the first one, but the others are not really my style.
  7. Adore the first one! And the one Passerby posted that has the leaf on it.
  8. ^I love that one, I have a lot of vintage beaded clutches that I love wearing.
  9. Aww thanks :shame: , I meant to say that the Myna clutches have the vintage look and feel that I love, somehow that got lost from the post, lol. And thanks for the Myna link, I have a feeling that some of those may be heading my way :wlae:
  10. Oooooh, good call. I love that Myna Audrey clutch!
  11. IAWTC! Why hold a bag when you can hold another drink:graucho:
  12. thanks for the input, u guys are great!