What do you think of this clutch?

  1. Hey Ladies!!

    Whatcha thinK? :rolleyes:
  2. I like it...the color is really striking!!!!!!
  3. Nice color... Reminds me I NEED A CLUTCH!!
  4. really like it...beautiful color!
  5. love it, color is gorgeous.
  6. Love the color, love the style, but if it's real python, I will probably be sad...:crybaby:
  7. Thx for the replies! yes, it is real python!!
  8. love the blue gorgeous!
  9. It's gorgeous...is it vintage????
  10. I have never owned a clutch and feel my moment might be coming, but until it does, looking at yours is a very good substitute - great colour, stylish design!
  11. I wish I could wear a clutch, but I always feel like I'm forgetting something, i always need a huge bag! it's a comfort thing!
  12. Nice clutch and a striking blue!!
  13. Its really pretty, I like the color.