What do you think of this chloe' wallet from Nordstroms? Is it a keeper

  1. I :heart::heart::heart: it! It's black, which is classic, but patent, which is fun. I say KEEP!
  2. Girls - Nordstroms is turning out to be retail NIRVANA. I haven't even been able to type out the amount I paid for my brand new Bay for fear that it will jinx it somehow. And now I see that there are wallets on sale at Nordies as well. Soffle - just go ahead and keep this one. You can return it any time you like. Forever if need be. If something better comes along you are set. Used items are just shipped off to Nordstrom's Rack.
  3. Wow, do I like that wallet, would love to have one in whiskey to match my new dome whiskey patent satchel.....:yes:
  4. Very cute, definitely a keeper!!!!
  5. I LOVE the wallet, a definite keeper!
  6. It is gorgeous, which Nordies did you purchase it?:heart:
  7. I purchased it in Oak Brook, IL