What do you think of this Chloe bag?

  1. I just found out NM has a new chloe phyton bag. It looks exquisite, but I sort of have a mixed feeling of loving it and hating it at the same time. So what do you guys think?

    For those of you who are looking for a phyton bag, this might be the one :idea:.

  2. Its okay, for some reason I dont like the handles of the silverados, but the rest is great!
  3. :love: A pink Silverado.... I love it, that puppy's on my Xmas list
  4. Not my thing, but you'll definitely stand out! :biggrin:
  5. it's tooooo much already!!!:wacko:
  6. I've never felt python before, but it looks sort of...scaly. I'd probably be afraid to touch it :lol: But I do like the shape and color combination of the bag.
  7. It's too much pink for me... :weird:
  8. heh...it's okay...not my style, though.
  9. There's so much texture on that bag that the added pink makes me a bit dizzy. I can see how people would like this though.
  10. I actually kinda like it. It is not the most practical bag, especially not for its price, but I dig it. Anyhow, I'm a Chloe addict (or I want to be one!!)
  11. I really love this one - its just so striking. And considering how much I loathe anything pink, this is quite a departure for me. But its yummy. Expensive, but yummy.
  12. Ok... It's officially gone now from NM... I guess many people love this bag :smile:
  13. Not loving it. The pink is too bubblegum. I do like the pyton silverados, just not this color.
  14. I like em' silver...but the pink is a cutie too!
  15. Definitely cute, but the Paddington will always have my heart !:love: