What do you think of this Charm and Luck bag?

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but I rather like this Charm and Luck Tahiti Ruched Leather Hobo. What are your thoughts on it? Any knowledge of this brand?

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  2. I looooove that color but I'm really not a fan of the shape.
  3. ^agree!
  4. I've heard of the brand but I really don't know much about it. As for the bag itself, I don't really like it but that's just my taste.
  5. i actually like both design and color...but dunno wat the quality of the leather is like
  6. I like the design of the bag but I'm not crazy about the color. If it were in black I'd love it.
  7. Not really my style...

    I do like the color though...if you like it then go for it!
  8. Not for me, but the color and name are reminiscent of clear azure ocean water....can you tell I need a vacation....
  9. i agree ...not for me...if it was ina nother cloour ...its may look different,,,hwowever, if you like it that much go for it,
  10. not my taste
  11. Not my taste either, but the color is fun.
  12. I like it. Especially the shape, not so much the color. I also wonder about the leatherquality. Never heard of the brand. What is the price range?
  13. I like the color and the pattern of the gold studs/rivets/ whatever...but the too much scrunching on the leather. If you like it then go for it, it's a very cute bag though. Sorry, never heard of the brand.
  14. Don't like the scrunching of the material. Sorry.
  15. I love the color of that bag.. but i don't think of any color of clothes that should be pair of that one..