What do you think of this Chanel?

  1. What do you think? Yes or no?

    7.5"(19cm) x 7"(18cm) x 2"(5cm)

    Any idea what year it would be from?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. 'eh. . . . I'm indifferent, don't really like or dislike it.
  3. I don't like it at all!
  4. Sorry, not a fan....
  5. not in love with it at all...
  6. Hmm....I think Chanel has nicer bags......For example, it looks very similar to the medallion tote in caviar as far as shape.....I prefer the classic quilting to the diaganol....
  7. Definetely dont like.
  8. Not a fan here either.
  9. Not a fan of the Chevron. IMO, caviar medallion tote is much prettier!
  10. sorry! i don't like it either....
  11. That is a vintage bag. It was made either in the late 1980's or very early 1990's.
  12. I agree with Ranag, it is a very old bag. Very old in style.
    You can find those in thrift stores.
  13. Don't really like it!
  14. I like the Medallion more.
  15. It's ok . If you were going to wear it w/ a stripey 80's style , it would look appropriate , IMO .