What do you think of this Chanel bag...

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  1. I'm normally into Chloe and just recently became attracted to Chanel bags but haven't purchased any yet. Came across this one recently - just wondering what you Chanel girls think?

  2. ^I think that's from the kaleidescope line? I personally wasn't a fan just because the bag is HUGE, and overwhelmed my frame. I think it'll look great if you're taller, though!
  3. Too busy IMO
  4. I like it because it fits alot of things. I love big bags and try to have everything plus the kitchen sink in my bags. I have two daughters, I can fit their toys, extra clothing, my things like my makeup bag and wallet, snacks, a camera and a couple water bottles. It gets heavy. But I only have all that stuff, if we are going out to the city or the zoo or the museums. I usually carry less in it so it's not so heavy. I love it because it's a cool styles and fits everything. HTH
  5. It is slightly too loud a print for me, but I like the size and shape :tup: