What do you think of this BV bag?

  1. BV.jpg
    I'm attracted to its pink colour and the lady-like design. It's going at £1,000. Would be the most expensive bag I'd have gotten, so I'm a bit undecided about it :smile:
  2. Its a cute bag! :yes:
  3. I really like that! The design is timeless, imo, so you wouldn't have to worry about the bag being dated within a few seasons.
  4. It is a beautiful bag....but...is it just me or is that pouch sewn on crooked? Other than that, it is gorgeous. I am a black purse gal, so I would like it bettter in black, but it is still beautiful!
  5. Cute!
  6. i like it - sure it was on sale at NAP - that way you could order it and see what you think. NAPs return policy is amaizing so you would have no probs returning it if you dont like it in real life
  7. I like the bag but not crazy about the colour .... but BV is just amazing
  8. I adore the style, am seriously attracted to BV (but have never owned one), but would hesitate slightly over the colour as I'd want to be sure it would work with my wardrobe - it is so striking and unusual it would be a shame for it to languish in your cupboards but I'm sure you've thought of that!
  9. cute!!! but the price is too much i think :p
  10. Not my thing and too expensive for the color, if you have some of the BV classics already I would say yes but, if not i would go for a classic color first.
  11. cute
  12. I love BV and I like the style, but I agree that it's quite expensive (to me) for a bag that isn't neutral enough to use often. If you love the color and think it will work well in your wardrobe, though, then go for it!
  13. Sorry, but I don't like the style or color at all!
  14. I adore BV, but for me the price would be too high for that purse. There are styles I like better. I'm not sure my computer screen shows the true color. Do you know the color name?

  15. Same here. :yes:

    But if you like it and it goes/contrasts nicely with your wardrobe, you should get it. :biggrin: