What do you think of this buttery soft Treesje?


What do you think of this Treesje bag?

  1. Hmmm, love it!

  2. Blech! Hate it!

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  1. It is different isn't it? I think your gorgeous bag collection would ostracize this one.
  2. I think you could go either way with loving it or hating it. When I first saw it I thought Blech! But after I looked at it for a while I began to like it. But then i like things that are off-beat and different-looking. What I think is interesting about this purse is that the straps kind of fold down when you use the long strap. This gives it a very different look.

    I may be prejudiced because I have a Treesje, love it and plan to buy more.

    I think this particular style was recently on sale at Nordies because a whole bunch of them have appeared on eBay in the past few weeks. Somebody must have them on sale.
  3. I bought one of the Treesje bags on sale...I like it a lot. I bought it at Nordstrom-but it's not this bag that is shown on Gung's photo. It's got the softest leather and it's really constructured well. :smile:
  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. It is a beautiful bag and incredibly soft. I'll only tell you the few drawbacks I found with it - if these don't bother you, I say go for it, as I have found it difficult to find these now that they have sold out at Nordie's:

    -the leather is very, very pliable and luxurious, but the area below the strap attachment points gets very worn looking. I only noticed this because this exact bag was on sale at my local Nordie's for a great price (about $180). You can see in this eBay auction where the fold is already starting. The problem is that there is a hard cardboard (?) semi-circle under the leather there; because the leather is so soft, it doesn't hold up well and looks weathered

    -the opening of the bag wasn't as wide as I would have liked. This isn't a problem if you don't pack too much stuff, but I was trying to use the bag to capacity (great internal pockets), so it wouldn't work for me

    I had such a hard time *not* getting the bag! It's a lot smaller looking than it appears in the pics, which for me was a good thing- nicely proportioned and lovely details (loved the braided handles, which were very comfortable). It's a very rich looking chocolate brown...very lovely!