What do you think of this Burberry purse?

  1. I got this purse a few years back. I belive my aunt bought it from a Burberry outlet. I've only used it once. Not sure if it's my style or what to wear it with. Was thinking jeans but maybe thats too blue? Anyone else own this purse or similar? Maybe I should just sell it.

    Oh question- I read that before on the purses it use to say Burberrys and then they changed it to Burberry. Is this correct? When did they change it and why?

  2. It's correct, they changed the name from Burberrys to Burberry about 8/9 years ago. If you're not certain about authenticity, pls. post more pictures of the bag in the Authenticate this! section
  3. yeah, i'm not sure about the authenticity either... good luck
  4. I have seen this style before
  5. I think it is from 10 years ago. and burberry did go from Burberrys to Burberry.
  6. I still think its a good looking purse.
  7. ^ i agree, it's adorable.