What do you think of this Bulga?

  1. Just saw this Bulga on Neiman Marcus web site -reminds me of the Muse-don't you think so- hmmm. Lots less money though and I think very attractive. What do you think, yay or nay?
  2. It does look a lot like the Muse. I would like it in a different color, maybe something brighter. Other than that, yay!
  3. i like the style but not the color.
  4. I think it's a bit too old but it looks quite classy.
  5. Wow it really does look like the Muse. I would probably get it in another color as Bulga does make some fabulous colors!
  6. I like the design but in a different color ... that color seems so blah.
  7. I would get it in Chocolate! (should I? :yes: )
  8. I like it...and I like the color, too. But then I am a brown FANATIC!
  9. simple yet elegant bag... yeah, dont like the color but pretty bag.
  10. You have to get the Bulga! I have a similar one that I posted a thread about a few weeks ago in the same chocolate color, and I LOVE it!

    Here's a link to the bag that I own (I have to note that this is not my auction nor am I affiliated in any way...just too lazy to take pictures right now):


    I honestly did not think much of Bulga before this (not a fan of their studded-bags line), but I happened upon the bag in Nordstrom about a month and a half ago, and fell in love! It's very soft and the lining is super cute!
  11. It's alright.. but I've heard that Bulga leather is amazing so this is probably one of those fall in love in person bags. It does look a lot like the Muse !
  12. i was very tempted by this bulga. i really like the shape - it is very muse-like. i saw its knockoff/inspired bag at target today.