What do you think of this Boy bag?!

Jul 18, 2011
As of 2 days ago I was 100% set on getting an old medium black calfskin boy bag with SHW that is until I realized they're sold out in the US. I don't not have a Chanel in my state so I'm currently working with a SA via email. She sent me pictures of this gorgeous boy bag (see below). Since I haven't seen it IRL I'm a little nervous. Not sure how the large stitching looks and have no idea how it'll look on. I already have a caviar black square mini GHW. I do not have any grey bags and it's actually a color I've been looking for. Have any of you seen this bag/own this bag? How does it look? Any opinions are welcome! Thank you!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1447981938.122521.jpg


Sofa King Banned
Nov 11, 2015
The grey is really really beautiful, but i feel as though the chanel boy bags have become a classic. As with every other true classic bag, if you have your heart set on a "classic" style of the classic (black quilted stitch with SHW/GHW) you will keep looking back on it.

Think this way, if they had the one you originally wanted in stock would you still contemplate? would you see the black with SHW and think I'm not sure i want this one... It is a pricey piece, you shouldn't be settling. The other problem is if you pick this one up IMO the black will be too similar to it and I wouldn't justify getting both.

If i were you, I would wait. Same thing happened to me, they said they were out of stock for the classic style boy bags and offered me a seasonal piece, and now I'm gonna wait.


May 1, 2013
I love it! I wanted to get this grey boy but it was sold out so i bought it in burgundy! I'm still thinking about the grey one and would grab it without hesitation [emoji7][emoji7] The colour goes with everything!