What do you think of this Bottega?

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  1. I love the bag but find the color kinda Blahhh...Maybe it's better IRL?
  2. Agreed - not terribly fond of the color but the bag is TDF!
  3. That color is Old Petra, which apparently has a purple-to-brown color and is pretty in person. Do a search on this forum for that color and you can see other photos.
  4. ^ Yes, it's not really mauve, is it? :shrugs:

    Mauve is a light blue-purple, which Old Petra isn't at all, IMO.

    It's more of a very muted lilac, if anything.
  5. I LOVE this color!...I love it...what's everyone talking about...this bottega looks classic to me...
  6. This is the Roma bag in Old Petra colour, which is like purple/lilac brown. Do go to BV in Action sticky thread (top of the sub-forum). There you'll see a fellow tPF-er posing with hers. The Old Petra colour is difficult to capture on photos and looks different with the use of different leather material and treatment.
  7. hmmmm seen it in person... not my cup of tea... but know a lot of people that own it and love it.... IMO should go see it in person before purchase....
  8. for that amount of money, i would hae to be in LOVE with the color to even consider it
  9. Also look at Megs' My Bottega Veneta Goodies! Update! and the What's in Your BV threads. In the former are several pictures of an Old Petra tote she bought in natural light. In the latter is an Old Petra Roma tote just like the one at NAP.

    I have a makeup bag and card case in Old Petra/Poudre and I am happy with my purchase.
  10. I love everything about this bag! I think the colour is stunning (this picture isn't exactly accurate). And the style of this bag is just so wonderful. *sigh* I'm in love
  11. i phoned NAP about this actual bag to see if they could find the actual BV colour name. they couldnt. im glad you managed to find out. i think its a really nice colour, and i know some other ladies have this bag. their photos look gorgeous
  12. I like it - but I am not sure whether it would go with my wardrobe - I think its very pretty though
  13. I own this bag and I love it.... However, to each her own really..... someone said (before she realised that I own one) that this bag is lovely but she'll only get when she's much older (when she's in her fifities !!!)...... I was a little upset when I heard that but I got over it and I'm still lovin' this bag very much.
  14. oh, i really like it, also the color!