What do you think of this Botkier?

  1. Hey everyone! I came across the Boktier Bryant Large Hobo bag. Here are some pictures from the Neiman Marcus website. What do you think of it and has anyone seen it in person? Thanks!
  2. I love it and it looks even better IRL! But I am partial to hobos.
  3. I love it!! I just bought it in grey for my sister for her birthday 5 days ago. It is so beautiful and the leather is TDF. The leather is smooshy, but the bag still maintains its shape, even empty. Go for it :tup:
  4. IMO I was not impressed with the leather. It's not as soft as the Bianca and not as sturdy/substantial/textured as the Bombay or Crosby. It's right in the middle and rather "eh" for me.
    I think you really gotta see the Botkiers IRL if the feel of the leather is important to you.
    Hope this helps:smile:
  5. I'm not even a hobo person and I love this bag! Someone else on here just got it in grey, but I can't remember who. There is definitely another thread or two about this bag out there if you search.
  6. Super cute!! Love the shape and style. Love Love Love Hobos! Can't get enough!
  7. The leather is really so much smushier than it looks. It's a pretty large bag and the Elephant hangtag and Tusk are really cool. The Tusk has some weight to it and could be used as a weapon. I agree it isn't as soft as the Bianca but not sturdy like the Crosby Hobo. The Handle is very rounded and comfy.
  8. It looks like a great hobo. I like it. The only things with this line is that the horn thing is so pointy. Sounds weird, but it's bad Feng Shui...
  9. I was looking at it in grey , gorgeous.