What Do You Think of this Betsey Johnson?

  1. Hello Ladies!!!!! (and Gents)....I was wondering what you all thought of this Betsey Johnson tote from Macy*s??? Now be completely honest, as I haven't ordered it yet, but am merely tossing the idea around.

    TBH, I love the bag, it looks fun. But what I am concerned about is whether or not it looks TOO young...so I need your HONEST opinions!

    Thanks so much for your help!!!:heart:
  2. It's hard to tell the size of the bag but it looks cute to me. If that's you in the avatar, how can ANY bag look too young for you....you ARE young!!
  3. Yup, that's me and thank you!!!!
  4. If I wasn't a leather addict, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. It's got class, but it's fun. It will hold a lot (disguise all those things you must have as an adult) yet it looks like you're seriously having fun. For a professional look, no. For everything else, an unqualified yes. Betsey isn't about looking too young, but living in the now and having a blast!
  5. Thanks so much!!!!
  6. The measurements look like the bag would be too big for my taste, but I really like the print!
  7. After checking out the macy's site, my only hesitation would be the 7" drop which I don't think would make a comfortable bag for the shoulder and I could never consider a bag that I couldn't put on my shoulder if I wanted to. Other than that, it's cute.
  8. Yeah, I see what you mean, and the style of the bag doesn't look like it would look that great if carried at the crock of the arm.:push:
  9. That's just what I was thinking...kind of big for crook of arm. Maybe 7" could work for you....Why don't you get a bag that is comfortable that you own and measure the drop to compare? Good luck...
  10. Thanks so much, cgsprings!!!!!
  11. Don't forget to let us know what you decide!!!!
  12. It's cute, get it!
  13. very cute! It would be a great throw around bag! I say go for it!
  14. Betsey Jonson actually had some cute stuff from her Betseyville line ... But it seems that she always just goes just a taaaad too far with SOMETHING on the bag.. .every bag that I picked up and thought was cute.. I wanted to like.. remove a bow.. or remove some ruffle trim or something.

    Hey.. if it's cute.. and you like it... buy it!