What do you think of this belt?

  1. I really like this belt on the screen, but I am afraid it might be too bold in person. Also how long will this trend last? I'd like to wear it for more than a few months.

  2. I think it'll be fine. Looks great with this dress, and I guess it'll look great with a simple vest - jeans outfit.
  3. cute...as for the trend...if you are referring to wearing belts around your waist...this trend comes and goes. I was watching gentlemen prefer blondes and the belted look showed up in there. Then i caught a SATC epi, and Sam had on a dress with a belt around the mid section. That epi was 1999 i believe. so it comes and goes...i personally think you can own and rock it whenever for how long you truly want...for me the look it classic
  4. Cute!
  5. It's trendy.
  6. Actually I was thinking also of the multi strand belt trend... Is that something you can always wear or does it go way out of style sometimes?
  7. i dunno it looks like a whole lotta belt for me
  8. too much
  9. not bad.. But I prefer the one whole wide belt..
  10. Me like it, Now I probably couldn't wear it (ya know the chubs hanging out between each strand:yucky:) but I definately like it! you go!
  11. Well I am still not sure if I have the guts for it so I ordered the brown 2 toned cummerbumd (by Elegantly Waisted) and also a 2 buckle (but one strap) black belt instead. And a pair of shoes. So I spent a total of $300 but they were all 70% off so it would have been about 1100 so I think I did good. I am still eyeing this belt though, maybe in grey since I got the other belts in brown and black, but I am just having a hard time committing. I would have bought it if it was not final sale so at least I could return it if I did not like it in person.
  12. This is the one I ordered in black
    and something like this in two toned brown/ bronze (I can't get the photo to come up on Shopbop anymore)
  13. I have a studded layered belt like that.
    (And I love wearing it over my Harley Davidson vest for a corset look.)
    BTW, the layered belt look is very in... as to style-wise...
    It really depends on personal style.... if you like the bold style and love to "rock" or like "biker" style, I do not see it as a problem with it as just a "trend" statement that is going away soon... many of z biker style are considered an American casual classic for us the "bikers" can always wear it as a regalia to our many bike meets and bike weeks. ;)

    Remember that a person WEAR the style, NOT having the STLYE wear you... as with anything if you cannot "pull it off looking good, it may not be something that suited you.