What do you think of this bag?

I think it looks a lot better in person. It is weaved with leather and some other material. There's a lot of detail to it, but I admit it doesn't look as good on the computer as it does in person... thanks for the opinions though!!
Not my style. Here's what I think (only my opinion).

The shape is quite nice but it's a little overloaded. The grommets are so-last-season, the tassle and closing tab combo is so I-wish-I-were-a-Spy. The handle is a nice touch but the weave is too small and makes the bag look overloaded.

Colour seems a little too blah as well, not putting the features forward at all, but that could be just the picture.

I wouldn't get it for myself but if you think it looks great and you want it, I'd say why not.