What do you think of this bag ?

  1. Do you think the Malesherbes in monogram is a bag which looks old or do you think it's a bag which has a lot of class ? Or maybe do you have other ideas of this bag ? :shrugs:




    Thanks !!! :p

    (Sorry if my english is wrong... :shame:smile:
  2. I think its very classy looking and classic!! Gorgeous!
  3. I love it....
  4. classic
  5. It reminds me of a Kelly. I saw it in Damier, and it's really really cute.
  6. :yes: :yes: I like it.
  7. Reminds me of a birkin kelly..

    Cute but not my style.
  8. ITA,,,damier would be nice!
  9. don't know if i'd use it, but i find it very appealing esp bc you don't often see it, well, actually, i've never seen one IRL...
  10. I like it, looks classy.
  11. mmmm how old r you ???
    that bag for me looks more like for older women :s even if it was damier because those colors are very serious and the shape of that bag is serious enough already so...
  12. Very classic look! very nice.
  13. elegant and super cute imo
  14. I like it! But take into account that I am the older woman that Antonio Loredo is talking about! I do think it has an "older woman" look to it...for once I am glad I am "that" woman! I need one!
  15. i'm older, but far from serious, so not for me...ha!:wlae: