What do you think of this bag??

  1. I love the shape & wine patent. Is the price right for $190?
  2. Very cute bag for a very reasonable price. :yes:
  3. It's very cute and I like the color ... the price is very nice too:smile:
  4. Cute and the price is pretty good. Frame bags are quite big now. Is that a burgandy?
  5. yes, it is a burgandy frame from Cole Hann. i think i just might ignore my purse ban :yes:
  6. that's a sweet purse! the color is stunning, and the shape is gorgeous. i've been wanting a doctor bag for awhile now.

    for $190? i didn't hear anything about a purse ban...:whistle:
  7. I love it, love the burgundy color- that's a bag color you don't see very often. And great price too. Don't know much about Cole Haan products but I have heard that they are good quality.
  8. It's only $190? That's awesome. That is one sweet looking bag. I'd get it if I were you! :nuts:
  9. That bag was on my wishlist for Christmas! I ADORE it and that wine color will go with anything!
    Where did you find it for $190?
  10. Cute bag. It looks really nice, and I love the color. It's great, and the price is even better :smile:
  11. oh, that is a cute little monster! how did you find it?
  12. I don't like the colour or the shape- not for spring anyway!
  13. Reminds me of the doctor's bag and it looks quite functional.
  14. You should definitely get it! Cole Haan makes really nice bags!
  15. i found it on the cole hann website under the sale page. pretty good find, i think