what do you think of this bag

  1. my link didn't open but it's the Burberry cleveland signature
  2. try copying it and uploading it here =)
  3. Is it this one for $1435?
    If so I like it, but I think that's overpriced.
  4. i think i'm only allowed to open the home page of NAP and it's so slow
  5. that one is the all leather which i like alot,but i'd prefare a paddington the one i mean is half leather half burberry canvas check costing $1385 your right though it is expensive.
  6. I didn't see that one, was it a Prorsum?
  7. yes,sorry i still can't manage to copy the link.
  8. just right click and save the picture, then attach it here so we can see it.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. wow i managed to attach a photo thanks for the help SwankyMamaof3
  11. I was just looking at that bag on NAP this morning and thinking that I liked it. I like that it's different from the usual Burberry, it's less structured and there is something else I like about it but I'm not too sure what it is right now.
  12. It's a really cute bag and I like the unstructured style of it. If it's not ridiculously expensive, then I say go for it!! :nuts:
  13. it's very cute
  14. yes, i like it soooo much, in particular the checked one.....very classic but classy!!!