what do you think of this bag?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Is it too big? Not practical? I like the simplicity of the bag but dont know if it will be to big to carry around.

  2. I just bought it online (Saks.com)last night at 40% off. I'll be able to tell you when I receive it Friday/Sat. They didn't have any left in the NYC Saks boutique, but my SA said it is very lightweight, despite its size.
  3. I like it. Very clean looking.
  4. I like the ribbon detailing on it.. but it looks a little more like a briefcase than a purse.
  5. ^Agreed - looks a bit more luggage-like than purse-like.
  6. I hate the ribbon. sorry.:P
  7. I also agree that it looks more briefcase or luggagelike... but depending on how you want to use it.. then it might work to carry documents or a laptop. But taking a look at the handles, it might be uncomfortable to carry hand held if you do put a lot of heavy things in it...

    If you're trying to go for something to use like a purse... then I think another style would be more suitable.
  8. I saw it online too and couldnt decide if I should buy it. I do remember seeing a smaller one (medium boston?) that I really liked at the gucci store but I dont recall seeing this bag. I have a feeling that it was really big so I overlooked it.
  9. I think it's nice but a little plain, plus....maybe it's just the season but those ribbons kind of remind me of christmas decorations :s
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. i remember seeing Jess Simpson carrying one .. great bag IMO
  12. Thanks for all your comments. I ended up not getting it since I do agree that it looks like a luggage bag and didnt want to spend so much on a bag that I may rarely use. With two kids I dont know when Ill ever be able to travel so that bag might never see the light of day!