What do you think of this bag?

  1. I'm looking for a inexpensive everyday bag for the day. Under $300

    I found this via spiga bag that is cute and simple....


    Any other suggestions, tips, etc? How do via spiga hold up?

  2. I like it, especially with the chain details and the handles. Especially the handles.
  3. Tano Get a grip shoulder tote.jpg
  4. It's nice... I prefer less pockets.

    Has anyone heard of Charles David bags?
  5. I Like the Via Spiga bag alot! It´s simple but still cool. :cool:
    If You like bags without alot of pockets and details, check out my bags at Welcome to Fifi Bags!

  6. Ooooo..I like that Via Spiga a lot, was looking at it on Zappos this morning..
    I have a Via Spiga lacetop hobo, good quality leather, nice details and well made.
  7. fifi... nice bags!

    thanks for all the other suggestions.

    i'm still kind of into the first via spiga. i dont know why.

    we'll see.