What do you think of this bag??

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  1. I think you're going to have to just ignore your mom's opinion- cause it doesn't look like it's for older people at all. (Sorry mom.)
    It's a gorgeous, and everyone needs a brown bag. Which reminds me that I need a brown bag...;)
  2. Miu Miu is the younger line for Prada. It is definately for younger ppl. don't worry.:balloon:
  3. my Mom always shakes her head when we go shopping.. I especially remembered our NYC trip last month... I took her to Miu Miu Soho, she was sitting in those grogeous wallpaper print Miu Miu chair.. as my sweet SA, Gaberielle, showed me all the bags... Mommy dearest just sat there and frowned then shook her head... lol... my partner in crime cousin and I started giggling... it was just funny.... Moms will always be Moms...

    u know my moms like Tods & Ferragmo.. but they are not just for me.... just different taste & style I guess....

    I have a similar bag in Fumo and with the MM buckle.... whenever I carry it, many people oogle at it....

    just a little background of this bag (feel my inner Miu Miu geek is coming out to play)... only about 3-4 are carried at each Miu Miu boutiques and the ribbon details are hand-woven it... so it is indeed a very special bag...

    once again, CONGRATS on the beautiful new addition :smile:
  4. LOL kiki you are soo right... our moms will always be moms. Till now my mom is still nagging at my waredrobe whenever she enters my room. she thinks I'm too spenthrift n should think for my DH's pocket lalalala... she thinks my dearie hubby is so thrifty and me spending on bags, shoes n clothes !! but thats cos "mama you haven't seen the storeroom where he keeps his golf bags after bags !!!" well well i have to keep mum cos I'm not just about to burst her bubbled impression of my darling LOL !! He urge me to keep quiet too :-X
  5. cherrypinky, don't worry too much, t he last MM I bought was a runway bag and both my mom and dad t hought I was crazy for spending so much on a bag that had holes in it lol!
  6. Wahaha LOL I like the holes part !!