What do you think of this bag??

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  1. Hi everyone.
    I ordered this bag from NAT and got it yesterday. I normally go for colorful bags but I liked this one because of the ruched detailing. Since most of my bags are colorful I thought that this color would be nice if I wanted something neutral.

    Well, ladies, I'm having a second thought now....it's not that I don't like the bag but it's more like I'm not sure if it looks good on me (maybe because of the color). I also have seen some other styles that I want to have like the mini bow satchel or the nappa charm. So I'm not sure if I should return this and buy something else.

    If I return it, they will give me a refund excluding the shipping cost and sale tax which are about 200 Euro and that is almost one third of what I've paid for the bag. (It's kinda stupid to throw away the money)

    So please give me some feedback on this bag :sos:

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  2. I think the bag is very pretty and looks good on you!
    However, if it was me I would return it and go for a bigger one, but I looove big bags.
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! it is a keeper!!!

    but I have one similar myself... so I may be a little bias! :shame:
  4. no Kiki you are not biased if i had funds i would buy this at a drop of hat but alas no more money.
    op keep it it looks sooooooooooo good on you
  5. I say keep it, it's to die for, I am not a brown bag person but I love me some MM raisins!!!
  6. Keep it, u made me fall in love with raisins with the modelling pics;)
  7. u should keep it! the color and the size allows u to wear on a daily basis ... moreover, raisin is only launched this spring and only for this year ... to me, it is an unique piece .. which i have got in the same color but in gold hardware. i have paid for full price but i have no regret ... i love it when it has turned soft ;)
  8. I love the bag, but if you think you wont use it, you should return it. I think it looks really striking though!
  9. Thanks girls for all the feedbacks. After reading your comments I went directly to cut the tag from the bag...so I won't change my mind (you can't return it without the tag).

    I'm pleased with my decision....I mean a girl need a decent brown bag right? And I didn't have one....so this is my first :happydance:

    Thanks again...all you lovely TPFers
  10. It looks so pretty on you. It's a great size too. She's a keeper for sure.
  11. Glad that you decide to keep it cos I'll also vote for you to keep it !! Brown goes well with anything !! I'm a brown earth person ! Days when you R too lazy to match your bag colours to your dressing... Brown is a perfect choice !! Moreover it's RAISIN !!! It's happening !! CongRats and most important of all you carry the bag well !
  12. The bag looks great and it can spice up any normal/ boring wardrobe, no doubt! It looks like a good size for you too. :smile:
  13. it's definiltey a keeper, I really like that size...not too big, not too small
  14. glad you decided to keep it. it looks great on you :smile:
  15. My mom saw me with the bag yesterday. She thought the color didn't suit me. She said it was more for older people :confused1: I'm in my late twenties.

    Well, still like the bag though but it would have been nicer if mom had thought the same.