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  1. Yay or nay? It is for $710...worth it?

    I was just skimming along the Saks site and came across it....I dont know why but it definitely caught my attention. :girlsigh:
  2. i think its super cute!!
  3. It is a very attractive, slouchy style.
  4. I think it's cute, but not 700$ cute
  5. You can probably get something a little nicer for the price.
  6. It's cute and I would wear it, but I would not spend $700 on it.
  7. I say nay. I'm not too fond of logos, and I don't like the shape very much.
  8. :love: I like this bag! I thought about getting it for myself!!
  9. I really like the shape - should I just get a baby spy instead? (i think they are around $1k right?)
  10. I completely agree with this statement. It's definitely not $700 cute.