What do you think of this bag?

  1. I saw this bag (fall collection 2006) today on Elle.de and just wanted to share it with you guys. Just wondering: what is your opinion? It only costs € 14.000 :upsidedown: !
    Vuitton winter 2006.jpg
  2. kind of busy. Looks like they tried to cram in every type of possible material into one bag. Almost looks like it should be a flower pot
  3. i don't really like this bag, it's too ethnic which is seen a lot in asian country, i don't need an lv for this style. the price is ridiculous
  4. i like it alot it's a fun bag. But for that price i find it to trendy, i will never buy it
  5. Not my taste :supacool:
  6. Not impressed. Kinda looks like a tile backsplash.
  7. that's so true! it reminds me of my grandma's house tiles
  8. It's fun, but not my style...
  9. it's a bit out there, but not tacky like the Fringe bags. im at awe of the craftsmanship. i love exotic skins!
  10. It's too much like Coach and their awful patchwork bags!!! YUCK!
  11. Not for me!
  12. Not for me either but it is a fun bag
  13. Mosaic...very interesting. I kind of like it but the price... OUCH!
  14. At first I did not like the Fringe but it has really grown on me and I would like a white Bucket.
  15. i don't like it.