What Do You Think of This Bag?

  1. Never seen it IRL but looks like it would be a nice comfy bag to wear. Definitely a sweet looking bag.
  2. I thought so too. I love that "Buff" color. What color is it actually?
  3. Missypoo, it's very cute. =)
    I think Buff is a neutral pink color.
  4. OMG!! My fav color is pink too.
  5. cute bag and also very roomy. bag.lover is spot on as usual buff is prolly the same as blush wvich is a pinkish beige. Very prettty IRL
  6. it looks okay to me, not in love with it, but dont hate it.
  7. looks cute and casual!
  8. i saw it at the mbmj store two days ago! it's gorgeous. def not as small as it looks in the pics. i LOVE it. and the buff color is a pinkish color but not too bright. :smile:
  9. I think it's a cute bag, not really sure about the studs, though, they're kind of last season. But you can't really see them, and I do like the shape, it's pretty unusual.
  10. i don't like the studs. it's an okay bag and i would spend my $400 elsewhere.
    i saw it in real life too. it's kinda childish looking to me.
  11. It comes in a GREAT slate color and a salmon color as well. The slate color works well with this style.

    I think it's a very cute purse and it's quite comfy on the shoulders as well. Definitely bigger than it looks in the pic and the leather is amazing. It's too bad they were all sold out when I decided to get it :sad: