What do you think of this bag...

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw it while on toutie.com. Anyone ever heard of aboutattitude.com?
  2. a little too colorful for me. and the straps are sort of short
  3. I like the shape, but the colors/design are a little much for me
  4. It feels too hippy/boho. I love the shape though. :amuse:
  5. For some reason, I can imagine someone wearing this when they're wearing all one neutral color like all black or all camel.
  6. I wouldnt buy it myself , but i do like the colors
  7. It's definitely unique, and the shape is nice, but I don't think I like the color combination. Maybe if it was a singular color (like a yummy tan).
  8. I've ordered a bag off of aboutattitude.com It was the white bag that LC was seen carrying on laguna beach. The one that nearly every teenage girl got after seeing her hold it.

    That bag is way too colorful, imo.
  9. I like it...I think the boho trend is cute!
  10. I don't like.

    The browns look dull. Not my style.
  11. The colors are a bit too 70's for me.
  12. Too busy for me.
  13. I like the long shape, but I don't like that colour combination...
  14. I am a bit on the hippy side, but I am not feeling that bag.
  15. the bag can carry a lot of things so that's a + point.
    don't like the design and the colour combi though.

    my humble 2 cents.