what do you think of THIS bag?!

  1. ohh lala.
  2. It's not quite my style.
  3. I'm not too crazy about the color nor the style.
  4. that is a lot of money for something you're not sure of. I would keep my eyes opened for something you know you love. If it were me & I were spending that much it would be something I would have no doubts about.
  5. I'm crazy about the shape and the color but not the handle for some reason.
  6. It's not quite summery enough for me to think it as one KWIM :shrugs:
  7. :tup:exactly! If u r not "quite" crazy about it then just give it up!!
  8. hmmm no likey, sorry :sad:
  9. Sorry I don't like it. It looks old and wrinkly.
  10. I agree, its not the greatest thing that you can pick out for $850. If you really love it then go ahead but if not, wait for something better to come along.
  11. I also agree that it is way too much money to spend on something you are not in love with...
  12. I don't care for that bag, sorry.
  13. I like it. Just not sure about the handle. The color is beautiful.
  14. Not sure about the color, for that amount of $$$. sorry