What do you think of this bag?!

  1. Another post by me.. sorry :shame: I bought this at the outlet last week... I love it because I think it is cute and really light and casual... but it is a lot like my Carly -atleast in color. I have looked at this bag on and off for probably a year so when they had 3 left and I went for it and 2 other women grabbed the others I knew I had to buy it and bring it home to think about it. :rolleyes: It's the soho hobo (10601) and I am wondering if any of you have or have had this bag and/or what you think of it and of it on me? TIA! :tup:


  2. Thats a really cute bag I Like it a lot !! how much was it if u dont mind me asking
  3. Thanks. I know, I have always been drawn to it (I am a sucker for khaki sig) and have seen others but this one stayed on my shoulder well, has silver hardware and is really comfy and light.. another thing I like is it isn't heavy and the drop is great.. the bag isn't too big or small.. too bad Carly doesn't work quite that way! :upsidedown: I haven't been able to bring myself to return/sell it yet! :p It was $183 plus tax. :yes:
  4. I really like that bag I think it looks great on you! Plus you got it for a great price too!
  5. I personally don't care much for the bag itself...but it does look good on you!!!
  6. lol My hubby hates it and says it reminds him of those canteens you drink out of when you are scouting or camping :roflmfao: Of course, he also hates Carly so what does he know! :lol:
  7. I have this in black signature. I think it looks great on you...actually, I think I should break mine out of its dustbag and start wearing it again!!!

    That said, I do think it is really similar in coloring to the Carly and the fact that it is a "slouchy" bag makes it a bit too similar for my taste. I probably would not keep both but that's because I need variety in my collection otherwise I would buy absolutely everything! LOL!! Since I see from your signature that you are on a bit of a ban to pay off debt, I would probably keep only one and save that money for something totally different in a few months. Just my opinion.
  8. I like the Carly much better!!!
  9. I really like the shape, just not the coloring so much. But it does look cute on you!
  10. I think it looks cute on you! I had this bag in black in the small size, but returned it because it was too small for me. I think your size is perfect for you!
  11. :yes: I am only keeping one, I don't want to keep the Carly AND the hobo because exactly they are too similar for me. They are not really in the same league.. but I can't seem to let this one go.. I have issues and I need major Coach therapy. :rolleyes: I think maybe it's because I always have looked at or seen this one and to finally be able to get it at a good price and not have hubby with me to tell me it looks like a canteen.. lol I just went for it. :sad:
  12. Oh...If you are only going to keep one I would go for the carly!
  13. Well...in that case, I would keep the large Carly because it looks FABULOUS on you from what I saw in your last thread!! Don't get me wrong, this one is nice too but it is just NICE whereas Carly is STUNNING!!
  14. Yeah, that is kind of what I was thinking.. and my mom said the same thing too. I think I am going for the large Carly.. just wish it didn't weigh so much! :wtf:
  15. Fields, that Soho signature hobo looks lovely on you. You have a tough decision to make here. Good luck. Personally I love the drop on the soho hobo more than the Carly. You just need to make a decision. I really think you should keep both as they are two different bags.