what do you think of this bag?

  1. Dooney & Bourke: Medium East/West Slouch
    the last time i bought a d & b was over 20 years ago...this one just caught my eye and i love the look of it...the price is great as well...any thoughts?

  2. also, is there a d & b outlet store? thanks!
  3. Nms
  4. it's cute... go get it :yes:
  5. That would be a great purse for work etc. Looks very cute
  6. My Wife loves D&B!
    In fact I just spent over $600.00:heart: on: A D&B Medium Safari Zebra, Macthing Checkbook Organizer, Matching Large Wristlet, and Matching Change Purse.
    See this thread if you like to see my Quest for Christmas!:

    Any ways if you goto or call the D&B store you can use this coupon.:tup:

    See this thread also::tup:

    Hope this helps you out, and my wife loved that style of bag also they just didn't make it in the Zebra!:yes:

    Merry Christmas!:yes:
  7. I like it in the Chamois!
  8. Sorry, I'm not a fan of D&B in general. But, in an effort to be open-minded, I tried to look at the bag as just a bag, not specifically a D&B. I like the hardware and accents but I'm not a fan of the white contrast stitching. Overall it's a little...meh. Boring, I guess. :shrugs:
  9. I like the shape, but I don't like the white stitching.
  10. I love many D&Bs (leather) but not this one. The shape makes it difficult to get into since it is smaller at the top and I am not a fan of the hobo style. The leather is beautiful though.
  11. thanks, all...i haven't bought a d & b in FOREVER (am i a bag snob?)...but this one really did catch my eye and i really like it...however, i really need all feedback because it helps me make a better decision...
  12. i don't really like that style.
  13. I really like it. Especially in T-Moro with dark brown trim. I think it has more "pop" than the black.
  14. It's kind of plain...nothing really sets it apart for me. Sorry, just MHO.
  15. I'm not a fan of D&B but for a D&B it doesn't look too bad (I despise the logo purses) it doesn't do anything for me but who cares what I think if you really love this bag then you should definitely get it, its what you like not what we like.