What do you think of this bag?

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  1. What do you think of this Isabella Fiore handbag? Honest opinions appreciated! Thanks;)
  2. Love the color! I like how it's not as busy as other IF bags, but still catches your attention. The large ring in the front kinda reminds me of D&G. I think this would be a fab summer bag!
  3. I think it's a really cute bag, especially for the summer.
  4. It's a great bag. I like the color.
  5. love it! Great color:yes:
  7. Love the shape and the color!
  8. That color is really pretty.
  9. Nice color, not too much hardware or design....thumbs up for me!
  10. Very lovely. Great shape and colour!

    I wish you well,

  11. I love it! I saw it quite awhile ago and even did a thread on it. I think it kind of resembles the style and slouchiness of the Paddy, which I like, without the damn lock. Great color too! If you buy it please post pics!
  12. Lovely!! That color is so soft and feminine. Go for it!
  13. I like it, the color is yummy!
    What's the retail on it?
    I ask because Gustto had one in a similar color on sale pretty recently.
  14. I think it's a gorgeous bag, and I like that it doesn't have too much hardware all over the place that will date the look of the bag before its time.
  15. Very nice!
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