What do you think of this bag??

  1. A bit too much going on for my taste. =/
  2. ^ ITA. :smile: Of course, the opinion of the person who likes it/is thinking of purchasing it matters the most! :smile: I just saw this bag earlier today at Saks!
  3. ^Yes, I do think so too.. I think it's too dressy and it's difficult to match up with your clothes for the day?? But it's still a good deal.. HKD 19,000?? If it's a limited?? Maybe good for a night out??
  4. I don't care for it, they had it in some other colors at the HI AM boutique but its not me.
  5. I don't like this bag as i saw IRL before.
  6. Yeah, too much going on...
  7. I thought I was the only one who thinks like that.. LOL.. I guess all of us have the same opinions about this bag! LOL!
  8. Lol, A bit busy!
  9. I saw it at chanel's website a little while ago. It's not my taste. And not as classy and timeless as most chanel bags are.. ( hope I don't offend anyone's taste with this remark :hrmm:)

  10. I agree...but it is better looking IRL than the photos if that is saying something. One of those bags that will scream 'trendy"

  11. ^ ITA:smile:
  12. I saw it IRL it was too busy for me.
  13. not a huge fan, ITA with what everyone else has said!
  14. I agree with everyone, a bit busy...