What do you think of this bag?

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  1. [​IMG]

    great or no? =P
    can anyone could tell me when this was released.. ??

    u guys are awesome :yes:
  2. If you like small flap bags, I'm sure it's fabulous. Not in that color, though.
  3. White in any style would be a mistake for me. As much as I love most BV designs, the double flap style just don't grab me. If YOU love it, that's what matters.
  4. I think it makes for a cute casual Spring bag! :yes:

    No idea which season it was from though :shrugs:
  5. I believe it was this spring and it is a pretty small bag - I think it's lovely although like the darker colors better
  6. bag looks really cute. i cant say i would pick white, but that is purely based on the fact that i still have a few classic colour bags i have to get yet. that is something in ebano or morro. after that who knows!!!
  7. Its perfect!! I love it!!
  8. Really cute bag for summer if you don't carry your whole life around with you. I wear so many dark colours that I'd worry about my clothes rubbing against the pristine white leather and discolouring it. Maybe one of the leather protectors can guard against this?
  9. Is very cute and I agree, I will get it in a darker color.
  10. I first saw a similar design in a shop selling pre-owned bags.... it's a double flap but with the twisted/woven handle and it was gorgeous. By the time I decided to buy it (as I've never bought pre-owned bags before), the bag was sold.

    Since I've fallen in love with it... I went to the boutique asking if they still have that design in stock and they showed me this, the one pictured on this thread. Somehow, after seeing the pre-owned one with the twisted handle, I didn't like this design as much.

    Also, I would not go for white. I am very careful with my bags yet I can't prevent my white bag from forming a stain on the side which rubs against my clothes. That was my 1st and last white bag.

    BTW, I know this bag comes in two sizes.... both are quite small though, but then again, I'm partial to roomy bags!

    Go for it if the bag calls out to you.... !