What do you think of this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i like it!
  3. It looks like a vintage bag, is it?

    It might be cute for prom or dinner out.
  4. Too busy for me!!!!
  5. not working for me, sorry...
  6. Not my style.
  7. Not really my style either...:s
  8. Not really my taste, but then again my opinion doesn't matter, you're the one that has to carry it.
  9. Not my style unfortunately.
  10. it's a classy !!!!it's for a dinner out!
  11. At first I was taken a little aback, but after a moment it grew on me and for the right occassion I think it might be nice.
  12. good for spicing up a drab outfit :yes:
  13. ^ITA :yes:
  14. I love it! I could rock that bag for a night out!
    A587_dt.jpg RUFFLETUNICDRESS_dt.jpg SO721_dt.jpg
  15. Not for me but not awful.