What do YOU Think of This Bag?

  1. LOL. I was out at some Factory Outlets yesterday & just happened on this bag-I LOVE the color. It is buffalo leather, and smells divine..and I paid $37.00 for it! Also bought the matching wallet and the matching checkbook cover, total-all for under $57 bucks.

    I feel I scored, since I have always wanted a blue bag, but i was too afraid of spending a bunch on a color that doesn't go with a lot. If hubby says anything about "what ANOTHER new purse?", I can be totally guilt free & honest.:yahoo:

    It's really a nice size, and seems well made, but I want opinions! [​IMG]
  2. It's cute! What a great deal! Congrats. :smile:
  3. Thanks!
    Here's the back:

  4. and side:
  5. i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! WHERE DID U GET IT!??!
  6. I like it. Congrats.
  7. beautiful color! Congrats!
  8. Hi Bessie,

    I found this at Wilson's and they were doing some kind of discount. It's the first time I stepped into the store, and after visiting some of the pricier stores, (Coach, Banana Rep, Cole Haan & others, and finding nothing special) I fell in love with this one!

    I was looking for a yellow bag, but oh well.
  9. I like it it's pretty!! Congrats on your great find!
  10. i love the color, congrats!!
  11. Very nice! Love the color
  12. I want one! :smile:
  13. WOW, you did score!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!
  14. It comes in black & brown also (but they don't "pop" like this blue, and the style is called "Maxima".
    I'm going to check & see if they have them online!
  15. congrats! It's cute!