what do you think of this bag??

  1. It's a Kenneth Cole satchel. Opinions?
  2. It's a cute shape, but it's a bit small for my taste.
  3. It does look small in the pic but it holds a lot more than it looks. It opens pretty wide and fits a ton. It looks tiny in the picture for some reason.
  4. Oh ok. I do like the zipper closure and the long handles. After some experiementing, those are a must with me! Are you debating whether to keep it?
  5. i really like it a lot! not sure about it? i love the silver/black combo
  6. I like it. It's simple, but not too plain.
  7. Cute! I love Kenneth Cole bags. Great quality.
  8. I usually like Kenneth Cole bags. I like the zipper on that one.
  9. I like it!:smile:
  10. cute, but not really my type. sorry.
  11. I don't know why it is but I have been a fan of Kenneth Cole New York, but not any other line. I really do like this bag, however.
  12. I like it :yes:
  13. Good shape but not my cup of tea
  14. It's cute, but not super exciting. It would be a good everyday bag.
  15. I like it.