What do you think of this bag?????

  1. I am looking for a new bag and my budget is not very big right now. What do you think of this from The Sak?

  2. I like it. For the price it looks like a really nice bag. The only thing I don't like is the charms on it, I think they make it look a little cheap. But other than that it's great. I have a few Sak bags myself and I love them.
  3. i like the bird and peace hanging there :p
  4. I like the bird and peace sign also!
  5. cute bag!!! :smile: perfect for a budget...also I love the charms
  6. It's cute!
  7. I love it! Go for it!!!!! The details are fantastic!
  8. I like the woven handles. Plus all proceeds got to charity!
  9. Thanks girls! I think I will get it!:yes:
  10. i like it in butterscotch and black, not so much in white. i'd say go for it!
  11. I got a promotional email about this bag a day or so ago. Thought it was cute. Was thinking of the off-white.
  12. :yes: and the straps are great!

    ^^Another reason!
  13. I like it a lot, minus the charms.
  14. Not my style so I have no idea.
  15. I think it's cute!